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4 Important Things to Choose the Best Car Insurance for You

Vehicle insurance protection is divided into all risk vehicle insurance and total loss insurance. All-risk car insurance covers minor and major damage to the car, while TLO only accepts at least 75% of the damage to the car.

All risk vehicle insurance is more suitable for new vehicles and TLO for used vehicles. So, before you decide on a car insurance product, make sure you know how badly your car is damaged.

Considerations for choosing the best car insurance product
As a potential 4-wheeled vehicle insurance buyer, there are a number of things that need to be considered first. One of them is knowing what kind of security is needed based on potential threats.

Another thing that is no less important and fundamental to consider is the financial ability to get this insurance coverage. In fact, the obligation to pay for a higher class is the obligation to use car safety products.

In addition, car insurance companies must also know which form of car insurance suits their protection needs.

As previously explained, customers can choose various types of car insurance, especially all risk insurance or what is known as comprehensive motor insurance, which provides priority and comprehensive protection against almost all risks of loss or damage to the car. .

Another type is Total Loss Only (TLO) coverage, the most basic insurance policy that covers major or total damage to the insured vehicle.

Both insurance products have specific advantages and disadvantages. Comprehensive motor insurance offers full risk protection benefits; Small or large damage can be covered by insurance. The disadvantage is that the insurance premium is very high, ie. expensive.

Even though the most basic TLO insurance provides guarantees or replacement money if the car is badly damaged and the total damage exceeds 75% or the car can no longer be used.

On the other hand, TLO insurance offers cheaper premiums, so it can still be used to insure goods, including cars.

Auto insurance is insurance coverage that provides insurance benefits for vehicle repairs, such as cars, in the event of damage and/or loss. This coverage also provides protection if the car you are driving is stolen by bad people.

For those who are looking for a good car cover, here are some tips on how to choose it:

1#. Registered at OJK

The most important factor to consider in choosing insurance coverage, including car insurance, is whether the company has definitely committed a crime. One of their duties is to ensure that the company is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Buying insurance coverage from a company that is not registered with the OJK means that the company is dubious and illegal.

2#. It has various partners

As a potential customer, you should choose an insurance company that works with many partner workshops. Of course, the more the better, especially since the company also has a workshop not far from where we live.

The car repair process will be much faster because you won’t have to drive far. Unless the insurance company offers free towing services as part of the insurance coverage.

Don’t stop there, but also make sure that the company’s repair shop has a good reputation. Can guarantee original spare parts and maintenance if it breaks again after repair.

3#. offers reasonable insurance premiums

Never be tempted by cheap insurance rates because there are already separate guidelines for discussing car insurance premiums.

This was stated in circular letter no. In the guidelines issued in 6/SEOJK.05/2017, there are several elements to consider in determining the maximum tariff, namely the type of coverage, type of vehicle, category, tariff coverage, and area.

In general, comprehensive comprehensive insurance premiums are better than net total loss insurance.

4#. Offer additional services

Information on the authentic website of the coverage corporation will generally encompass whether the organization accepts extra offerings.

Usually additional services to car coverage are inside the form of a free tow to the restore store, prison legal responsibility to 1/3 events, or additional twist of fate insurance.

If indeed the coverage business enterprise gives these services, it would no longer hurt to pick out, because services like which are genuinely what you want. On the other hand, you don’t select a corporation that doesn’t offer most advantages.

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