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The Most Profitable Vehicle Insurance Recommendations for You

Currently there are many types of motor vehicle insurance, both two-wheeled and four-wheeled, even the many accidents on toll roads indicate that buying insurance is the right choice at this time, apart from the density of vehicles. The number of thefts has also increased significantly recently. , Traffic accidents are currently the number three cause of death in Indonesia because many people are injured while driving a car or motorcycle on the highway.

With so many vehicles with automatic transmission, the risk of an accident is very high, because mistakes made by other people can also cause us problems on the road. So when driving it’s not enough just to be careful, you have to be very careful when driving. For your safety and that of others, please note that this cannot happen. If everything is in order, the number of accidents will decrease.

Everyone should have car insurance
By taking private car insurance we can drive with peace of mind because we no longer need to think about service fees or other costs and if our vehicle breaks down or has a problem we can claim it directly from the insurance company so that we can reap the benefits. the benefits of this car insurance policy are certain. Everyone has the choice to take out this auto insurance policy.

If we have a new vehicle, of course we always want to protect it from minor and major damage. Of course we don’t want the new vehicle to wear out or get damaged. There are now various types of auto insurance policies that you can use with the vehicle of your choice. Your vehicle, so that your vehicle does not have to wait to break down, etc. If you think you need treatment, you can do it with this insurance.

With car insurance you get many benefits
Because when you take out car insurance, you benefit from several points at once. The first advantage for the future is that you no longer need to worry about insurance if you already have it. That’s why it would be nice if we found the different types of car insurance you can choose from:

1. Total loss is only TLO

In language it means loss, so we can conclude that this type of insurance applies to vehicles that are completely lost or have been the victim of theft, for example because they were stolen by irresponsible people, which allows us to prepare insurance policies that may require several original documents. and photos as proof that our car was stolen by someone else who is not responsible.

2. All risk

Now it can be said that this insurance is very profitable for its customers. This car insurance policy allows us to use a registered car or motorcycle. If an accident that is not too serious occurs, you can immediately exercise your right to insure the vehicle, for example when we park on the side of the road, our car’s rearview mirror is suddenly hit by another person, causing damage. our rearview mirror. After that the insurer will replace the part, so you don’t have to wait long for a claim, the insurance participant will help you submit a claim. We just need to give them advice so they can eagerly help their customers when no one is there to help them. Then we just have to come to the office, whether it’s the head office or a branch office, it doesn’t matter.

It’s just that of the two car insurance policies mentioned above, car insurance policies are more desirable. It is all risk insurance, very affordable and appreciated by many. If all the risks of our vehicles are covered, there is no reason to stop. Insure our vehicles with all risk motor vehicle liability insurance. They can also choose another insurance policy if they want. Basically car insurance is very important to us and we never miss buying this existing insurance. So don’t be afraid to regret insuring yourself. Vehicle.

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