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Types of Life Insurance For Future Lives, This Is an Important Role

You may already be familiar with life insurance, which is often offered by various insurance companies in Indonesia. However, if you still do not know what is meant by this insurance product, we will explain it to you in detail. A life insurance policy is a written agreement between the policyholder and the insurer. This insurance company bears various costs when the policyholder or policyholder dies for various reasons. But first, you must pay a premium for the best life insurance policy as coverage for unexpected financial loss due to cause of death.

In principle, this type of insurance can be taken on behalf of a person or a third party. Where to buy this type for relatives, husband, wife, children or relatives? If an unexpected event occurs to the insured, it can be claimed on behalf of the insured. There are various types of insurance that are better and more reliable for the people of Indonesia to choose from. But before I explain some of the best types, it would be nice if you understood how important the role of life insurance is in life.

Protection of family income funds. No one can predict what will happen in the future. Therefore, to anticipate the possibility of a disaster, it is better to take life insurance so that the family left behind can still receive compensation or dependents.
Protect yourself from the risk of deadly diseases. According to WHO, the ten types of diseases that are the main causes of death in Indonesia are coronary heart disease, tuberculosis, vascular disease, respiratory disease, traffic accidents, diabetes, diarrhea, high blood pressure, etc. Take care to protect yourself if you are at risk for disease.

The 2 Best Types of Life Insurance to Follow

After knowing the reasons behind the importance of choosing life insurance, you need to know the best type of life insurance. The goal is for people to be smarter in choosing types based on benefits, needs, and ability to pay premiums every month. Here are some of the best types of life insurance recommendations that you need to know.

1. life insurance

Term life insurance or risk life insurance has a protection function for policyholders for a certain period of time. The contracts that companies offer to policyholders are usually between 5, 10 and 20 years. The premium sets are also very affordable and relatively inexpensive. This type of insurance is highly recommended if your family’s future is a priority for you. This type is also very suitable if you have big needs with limited premium payment options.

There are several advantages to taking this form of long-term life insurance. One of them is that you can freely determine the premium amount according to your ability. In addition, the sum insured that can be obtained by policyholders reaches billions of rupiah. This means that if the insured dies during the contract period, you have a relatively high sum insured.

2. Lifetime Insurance

Unlike the previous point which provides life protection in several contracts, comprehensive insurance offers lifetime protection. However, some companies limit the benefits of this protection until the policyholder reaches 100 years of age. This type is highly recommended if you do not have many dependents. In addition to benefits such as death benefits, this form is also very useful as a long-term savings idea. So, if you want to have life protection and savings for emergencies, you can consider getting this insurance policy.

Among the advantages that companies offer users of this type of policy are:
Policyholders can receive the cash value of the amount of premium paid.
If you don’t make regular premium payments, you can use the present value of the premium paid.
Drawn winnings will not be lost if no one makes a claim.
At the end of the contract, the insured is paid all sum assured.
Before you decide on the best type of life insurance, it’s a good idea to collect a lot of information and compare everything to get the best life protection in the future.

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